Restaurant Consulting Services

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries in the country. A successful restaurant owner and a successful business owner aren’t always synonymous with one another. “… First of all, your restaurant isn’t just a restaurant, it’s also a business. It’s very possible to have a great restaurant that’s a lousy business. One of the reasons independents, in particular, tend to have challenges in this area is that many people who own an independent restaurant may know a lot about running a restaurant but haven’t developed the skills needed to build a successful business.” – Jim Laube,

Callaghan Enterprises Consulting Services

Why Use Callaghan Enterprises?

We specialize in helping restaurants fine-tune their business to make sure they are living up to their potential both from a financial standpoint as well as a service standpoint. We have the experience and knowledge needed to fine tune operations that have great foundations but need a bit of assistance in various areas of the business.

Over the past 17 years, we have worked with over 3,500 customers across 3 different continents and have helped increase revenues by over $31 million in that time frame. Stateside, we have worked with customers in 17 different states and even oversaw a dinner for then-President Bill Clinton. Whether a business needs assistance on the business side of their restaurant or is looking for help revamping their menus, we can provide the insight needed to truly make a difference. 

Our Services

What are your biggest expenses and can those be reduced? Where can you find more money for your business? Let us dig through your business process to find ways to lower costs and improve profits.
What does your menu tell customers about your restaurant? Make sure you perfect the most important selling tool in your establishment.
Understand the sales mix for your menu. How often should you analyze it? What are you looking at and what can it tell you? Does the portion size of each menu item correlate with what that dish was originally costed out to be? Make sure you're not losing money unnecessarily.
Personalized recipe development and plate presentation instruction to help boost the revenue and buzz surrounding your restaurant.
When is the last time you received honest feedback from an objective customer as to what they thought about your restaurant's service, food and beverage performance?
Who should you be doing business with and is it all about price? How many distributors are too many? Food distributors have a lot more to offer than just food!

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