Cooking Classes

Professional Cooking Classes

Looking for a change of pace when it comes to entertaining guests? Try something new and schedule a professional cooking class for up to 12 people, in your home! Blow your friends away with an advanced, hands-on cooking class with a professional chef. Not only will you learn how to cook some amazing dishes but you’ll also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor with a full, 4-course meal.

Get a break from the ordinary and give your guests a night they won’t forget!

Callaghan Enterprises offers Cooking Classes

Why use Callaghan Enterprises?

We’ve been in the restaurant industry for over 35 years and have cooked for thousands of people, including former President, Bill Clinton. Not only have we been trusted to cook for our country’s elite, but we’ve also cooked in restaurants that have been nationally recognized for their exceptional offerings.

In terms of private cooking classes, we’ve performed in front of thousands of individuals with well over 150 classes. We can give you the insight to blow your family & friends away with your vastly improved cooking skills!

Our Services

Looking to host an event that will entertain your guests while educating them at the same time? This is the perfect party to host for up to 25 guests who have an advanced palette and a desire to learn.
Have a need for a cooking class with more than 25 people? We can handle that as well. Detailed instruction and gourmet entrees can be expected!

Schedule a Professional Cooking ClassMake a reservation for a private, professional cooking class today!